Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice

Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice

The International Journal for Innovation Research, Commercialization, Policy Analysis and Best Practice

'Innovation' is the generation and application of new ideas and skills to produce new products, processes and services that improve economic and social prosperity.

Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice (ISSN 1447-9338) is an international peer-reviewed journal, with a scope that encompasses innovation research, policy analysis and best practice in large, medium and small enterprises, public and private sector service organizations, local, state and national government, urban, rural and regional societies and economies with special emphasis on linking academic research to future practice. Original articles within this scope - particularly from developing, medium and small economies - are welcomed.

Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice's readership includes academic researchers; university lecturers; innovation graduates; management students; professional development trainers; research scientists; engineer managers; industry economists; public policy developers and analysts; public and private sector research and laboratory managers; company directors, financial officers, marketing, human resources and operations managers.

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Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice publishes original research, literature and book reviews, methodology, policy analyses, case studies, education and training approaches, strategy, tactical and finance approaches, practice reports, and research notes across all fields of innovation.

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Mark Dodgson Tim Kastelle Wilfred Dolfsma
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    Jane Marceau
    Jason Potts

Special Issues

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Author Guidelines

Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice follows APA 6th edn referencing style. Authors are requesting to submit original manuscripts following the journal's Guidelines.

Book reviews should:
- position the book in the literature
- contain a synopsis of each chapter
- critically compare the book's contribution to teaching this subject
- contain 5-8 citations of scholarly work as part of their critical analysis
- be contained to 1500 words (three printed pages)

Advances in Innovation Research

Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice special issues are available as an annual subseries: Advances in Innovation Research. This subseries is dedicated to advances in topic areas of central interest to innovation, management and policy. See right column on this page for Title and article abstracts of special issues in this series.

Selection Criteria

Criteria for selection are that articles are original, novel, relevant, concise, practical, informative and useful to readers of the respective sections of the Journal: Feature Articles; Management Education; East Asian and Developing Economy Management Research in Industry, Innovation and Technology; Innovation Case Studies; Innovation Education; Policy Analysis; Literature Reviews; Technology Transfer Tactics; Research Notes; Book Reviews and Booklists; Conference Reports.

Price and Availability

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Copyright Ownership

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