Volume 11 Issue 2 - 2009

Innovation Policy in the Creative Industries

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138-147 Introduction: Creative industries and innovation policy
Jason Potts

Empirical Analysis

148-168 The role of creative industries in industrial innovation
Kathrin Müller, Christian Rammer, Johannes Trüby
169-189 Creative supply-chain linkages and innovation: Do the creative industries stimulate business innovation in the wider economy?
Hasan Bakhshi, Eric McVittie
190-200 Measuring creative employment: Implications for innovation policy
Stuart Cunningham, Peter Higgs
201-214 Applying an innovation cluster framework to a creative industry: The case of screen-based media in Ontario
Charles H Davis, Tijs Creutzberg, David Arthurs

Regional Studies

215-229 Placing the creative sector within innovation: The full gamut
Luke Jaaniste
230-239 Australian cultural and innovation policies: Never the twain shall meet?
Ben Eltham
240-252 Innovation and the creative industries cluster: A case study of Singapore's creative industries
June Gwee


253-259 China’s innovation challenge
Cong Cao, Denis Fred Simon, Richard P Suttmeier

Book Reviews

260-262 Evolutionary Economics and Environmental Policy: Survival of the Greenest
van den Bergh JCJM, Faber A, Idenburg AM and Oosterhuis FH
Reviewed by Hagen Worch

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